Welcome to exceptions.js, the Javascript library that makes Javascript Errors useful. Receive an email with a stacktrace, screenshot, DOM dump, and browser information everytime a user hits a Javascript error. Try our demo and setup exceptions.js in three quick steps:

  1. Register for a free trial.
  2. Include exceptions.js on your page by either referencing https://www.platform.exceptionsjs.com/static/v0.3.1/exceptions.min.js or downloading the exceptions.js opensource project
  3. Setup the exceptions.js handler. In most cases setting up exceptions.js is as simple as copy & pasting the code below. However, integrating exceptions.js with certain frameworks (cough Angular cough) requires extra setup. See our FAQ.
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.platform.exceptionsjs.com/static/v0.3.1/exceptions.min.js"></script>
    //You'll find the client Id on your profile page after you've registered for a free trial.
    exceptions.handler.reportToExceptionsJsPlatform({ clientId: "CLIENT_ID" });	
    //Now all errors will be reported through https://platform.exceptionsjs.com
    //Visit https://github.com/steaks/exceptions.js to find more information about how 
    //you can use exceptions.js